We deal with fiction and nonfiction books. We are particularly interested in adult fiction. We look for well-written character-driven dramas and mysteries without a focus on horror, gore, violence or other dark subjects. We have a preference for high-stakes plotting.

Please do not send unsolicited manuscripts; rather, mail a query letter to the Agency. We do not charge reading fees.


We work with our clients to revise their proposal and manuscript, develop a strategy for what editors to approach and when, do the follow-up on submissions, help our clients understand the needs of the publishing companies, evaluate the offers and negotiate changes.

After the contract is signed with the publisher, we remain in touch throughout the process to help our clients and their publishers stay on track and on time. We also help clients with ideas for marketing and publicity. The agency can represent the subsidiary rights for our clients. Furthermore, we handle the on-going financial and legal issues after publication.